Technology Alliances

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Eric N. Olson’s laboratory at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has identified multiple microRNAs that regulate critical processes in cardiovascular and muscle cell biology, uncovering profound and unexpected to roles of microRNAs in the development and progression of disease.

Through its expertise in mouse genetics, the Olson Lab provides miRagen with ongoing insights into the biology and therapeutic potential of specific microRNAs. We have been working closely with Dr. Olson’s group since our inception in 2007; this relationship has proven highly advantageous for the early identification of microRNAs important in disease processes and in assessing their potential for therapeutic targeting.



Roche owns and has proprietary rights to the Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) drug platform utilizing its LNA chemistry. In 2010, miRagen entered into a license agreement with Santaris allowing miRagen to utilize the LNA drug platform in the research, development, and commercialization of a defined number of microRNA-targeting therapies. Following the initial agreement, miRagen advanced a number of programs forward utilizing the LNA chemistry and, in 2012, miRagen and Santaris expanded their agreement to give miRagen much broader access to the LNA platform. In 2014, Santaris was acquired by Roche.

t2cure GmbH

t2cure is a German clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing progenitor cell-based regenerative therapeutics for cardiac or peripheral vascular diseases. We licensed rights to technology and intellectual property related to regarding microRNA 92 (miR-92), which is believed to be a key regulator of neoangiogenesis as part of ischemic disease. We believe miR-92 may be relevant to peripheral arterial disease and other cardiovascular disorders.